Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another satisfied Grate Wall customer!

Here is a recent message from another satisfied customer!

I had a smokey inefficient fireplace which for years I controlled with a glass fireplace door,  a year ago the door shattered and I was considering an insert at great cost.  Given the cost and labor involved in installing an insert I procrastinated and shopped; the tax credit started to make it look worthwhile but still I waited hoping to find a better option.  Two months back I found the Grate Wall of Fire.  I discussed it with my wife and we were both skeptical that it could be as good as the ads.  After a week of wavering I thought for the cost worst case if it did not work I would be out the shipping cost to return it.  I measured my fireplace, ordered the correct size unit and a fire back and just three days later I "installed" my grate wall of fire.  It took all of five minutes mostly to get the old grate out of the way and throw out my old glass door.  My first fire looked and worked just like the ads, my second fire the same and so on and so on.  Now we have fires about every other day as opposed to three or four times a winter with our glass doors.  I just lit a nice fire for the evening (the third for the Thanksgiving weekend) and am hearing it crackle nicely in the background.  Please feel free to print my testimonial (don't give out my phone number but if anyone wants to send me an email I will gladly tell them what a great made in the USA product this is.  So simple I wish I had invented it myself.  Thanks for giving me my fireplace back!! I have a basement fireplace I may have to order a second Grate wall (once the kids clean up down there.

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  1. I was considering a fireplace insert also but thought I would give Grate Wall of Fire a try first. I ordered the T-7 grate with Fireback and was amazed at the difference in the heat output your grate has compared to my old one. My fires are easier to tend to and burn ALOT hotter since it now takes up the whole back part of my fireplace. My old grate sat in the center of the fireplace and put off more smoke than heat. Now there's no smoke at all. Once I get a good bed of embers going, the radiant heat output becomes intense (even with a small fire). I had to put the windshield reflector from my truck in front of my furniture so it doesn't spontaneously combust and have to use welding gloves with reflective backs to stoke/tend to the fire.
    What would make it better is if you came up with a hollow fireback so that forced air(from the room) could be circulated through it and back into the room therefor raising the room temp along with the radiant heat.